The Book

Great collaborative learning tool to accelerate employee development.

Powerful, plain language for immediate application.

The Leader

How many CPA’s do you know who get "it" in Human Resources? You need to know Eric Frankel.

The Results

  • Self-confident, motivated and business savvy employees.
  • Camaraderie and a focus on common goals.
  • Heightened respect for Talent Management, OD and HR.


For those who don’t know me, I’m a humble guy and pride myself on relationships, business know how and honesty. It was a natural progression for me to launch Frankel Corporate Consulting in 1995, as I have an uncanny ability to assess and enhance people, dynamics, situations, structure, motivation… all the important stuff that make good companies great.

Those who’ve known me for a while have seen me reconstruct Frankel Corporate Consulting numerous times as various opportunities present themselves. I’ve made a good living, worked with lots of great people and expanded my horizons in ways I never could have imagined. But my goal, just like any entrepreneur is “The Big Idea,” as Donny Deutsch so eloquently puts it; that “aha” moment representing the start of something big.

And in October 2008, my “aha,” moment was the creation of 10 Minutes to Change. 10 Minutes to Change, a form of Flash Mentoring, invigorates key employees, inspires future leaders and clarifies core objectives for job seekers. The 10 Minutes program is communicated face- to- face for immediate impact and preserved on audio CD (think iPod) for lasting value. These 10 Minutes of enlightenment follows a 45 minute dialogue with the participant and review of information sheet(s) completed in advance.

Business leaders today are investing in two primary areas: revenues and talent. Let’s explore together how 10 Minutes to Change will unleash the vast potential of your internal competencies in a time efficient, cost effective and highly personalized manner.

Eric J. Frankel


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